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Created on 2010-06-06 21:24:31 (#521978), never updated

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Name:For fans of the hit seris Sailor Moon
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome all Moonies!! :D

Be nice to one another

Bashing of any dub will not be tolerated. I warn you three times, you're gone

Do not go against the TOS

ALL pictures go behind the cut, regardless of size

Deleting, freezing and screening any comments is not allowed. That's to be done by me and me only. No disabling of comments ever. That's an automatic delete of entry unless it's a mod post done by me

Trolling isn't allowed

Referrals are not allowed

No fake cuts ever. Automatic delete of entry

Do not post links where you get paid per click. Automatic delete of entry and a ban if done three times

Community plugs are not allowed, even if it's related to the subject at hand or your own icon community or fanfic community

Torrents are a no no

Download links of the anime are a no no

NO PORN of any kind

Sales are welcome

Locking is optional

Fan art and fan fics are more than welcome

(lasted updated on June 6th, 2010. I will update the rules whenever I see fit)

[personal profile] zhugeliang is your humble mod
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